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Conversion Tools

Slit Roll Calculator:


Roll Width (inches) Roll Length (yards) Square Yards
Fill in any two fields to calculate the value for the third field.

Fraction/Decimal Calculator:

Decimal Fraction  
This calculator only computes a fraction with a factor of 1/64.

Length Calculator:

Meters Yards
Feet Inches

Area Calculator:

Square Meters Square Yards
Square Feet Square Inches MSI

Thickness Calculator:


Millimeters Mils Microns

Weight Calculator:


Kilograms Newtons
Pounds Ounces

Force Calculator:


Newtons/m Newtons/cm Newtons/mm
Kg/mm Pounds/in Ounces/in

Temperature Calculator:


Fahrenheit Celsius  

Pricing Calculator:


Price/m Price/yd
Price/ft Price/in Price/MSI

Roll Length Calculator:


Roll Diameter (inches) Core Diameter
Material Thickness (mils) Roll Length (yards)
You must fill in Roll Diameter, Core Diameter, and Material Thickness.
It's not recommended to use roll length and diameter to calculate material thickness.

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