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Silicone Polyester

Griffslik Polyester-based release liners are ideal for applications where a dimensionally stable, flexible and heat-resistant liner is needed. We combine the durable, lay-flat components of polyester with the smooth characteristics of silicone to make a material that has high flexibility, transparency, endurance and can suit your desired surface tension levels.

  • Smooth and Durable
  • Lays Flat
  • Heat-resistant

We coat polyester at varying degrees of thickness with layers of silicone, to your preferred level of release. This material makes a slick tear-away for adhesives, labels and die cuts. It can prevent sticking for even the most viscous materials, such as ceramic slurries, and makes ideal dust-free material for medical patches.

Our silicone polyester is available in sheets or rolls and we customize each order to suit your preferred size, thickness, and release characteristics. This material can be manufactured with one or two sides coated with a solvent-less polymer.

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