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Graphic Products

As a global supplier of the latest print-based substrates whether in sheet form, roll-fed, encad, or even a desktop product, we cut to size and produce to order.



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Acrylic Film

Our acrylic film and acrylic paper are high quality performance specialty film or paper. It is available in a wide variety of colors with excellent printability and wearing properties that make it ideal for use in signs.


Adhesive Film

Our adhesive products use both permanent and removable adhesives, depending on the intended application. Besides testing of its adhesive power, it is required that it should be able to stand the commonly used resins, varnishes, and solvents.


Die Cut Labels

Our die cut labels are cut from a manufactured die. These labels can be made into various shapes for any customer. The die cutting process uses specially designed cutting tools to create the custom shapes or cutouts.

PET Film

Our PET (polyester) film has high temperature and excellent barrier properties. It is used as a substrate for laminating and extrusion coating. PET film is used in flexible packaging of products. PET exhibits outstanding dimensional and thermal stability and excellent tensile strength.



PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) or poly(methyl 2-methylpropenoate) is commonly called acrylic glass or just acrylic, is a hard, stiff material with excellent UV stability, low water absorption and high abrasion resistance.


Polyester Film

Our polyester film contains properties such as high strength, easy machineability, dimensional stability, surface treatability, clarity, tear resistance, moisture resistance, etc. Polyester film is used in many types of packaging applications ranging from food and drugs to industrial and consumer goods.


Polystyrene Film

Our Polystyrene film, PS film comes in many shapes and forms and can be found just about anywhere. This film is strong, light, and durable. General-purpose polystyrene is a hard, rigid, clear material. Applications include, shower cubicle doors, panels and DIY.


Thermal Laminating Film

Our thermal laminating film consists of over laminate film and adhesive, which is dry to the touch. The over laminate layer of film is particularly suited to any end application which requires good contact, clarity, and durability.



Tyvek is an opaque, white, spun-bonded olefin flash spun from high-density polyethylene. Heat and pressure thermally bond small diameter fibrils created in the flash spinning process. This is a very tough, durable material that is good for rugged conditions including water, chemicals, and weather environments where good tensile and tear strength is required.


Silicone Release Film

Our silicone release Film can be manufactured with one or two sides coated with a solvent-less silicone polymer. Silicone Release Film is a more of a general term that can be used to identify hundreds of different types of silicone coated materials.



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