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Auto Carpet Protection Film

Our auto carpet protection film protects carpets from soil, oil, and daily wear and tear. Its durable, puncture resistant material is easily removed in one piece. This is an adhesive film for temporary protection, that has a high tact acrylic adhesive specially formulated to adhere well to synthetic fiber carpets.



Carpet Protection Film

Carpet Protection Film is an adhesive film for the temporary, but extremely effective protection of synthetic fiber carpets. Like a disposable sheet or drop cloth over the carpet you get protection from everything from paint drips, construction debris, even mud & snow. Also highly resistant to tearing and puncturing from sharp items.



Floor Protection Film

This is a reversed wound adhesive film for temporary protection of hardwood, tile, linoleum, and laminated floors. It can also be used to protect counter tops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as many others. Great for use during moving, construction, and remodeling.



Marble Protection Film

Our marble protection film comes in both 3 mil and 4 Mil thicknesses. This material is an LDPE film with a medium-high tack adhesion on the back for removable use.



Surface Protection Film

Our surface protection film comes in a variety of colors and uses. It comes in both 2 mil and 3 mil thicknesses. Surface Protection Film is used to keep substrates clean and to protect from unnecessary stains, abrasions, or scratches during fabrication, transportation, and installation processes.



Window Protection Film

Our window protection film protects your windows and other glass surfaces from damage. This is an adhesive film for temporary protection that comes with an acrylic adhesive on the back.




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