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Graphic Products

As a global supplier of the latest print-based substrates whether in sheet form, roll-fed, encad, or even a desktop product, we cut to size and produce to order.


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C1S Litho

A coated one side litho, lightweight clay, super calendared paper stock. There are a variety of paperweights available including 45#, 50#, and 60#. The grades range from high brightness, superior coating for high quality print image, higher moisture resistance, to lower brightness, and lower coating.


Copier Paper

Our copier paper is a lightweight grade of good quality and dimensionally stable papers used for copying. This grade of cut-size paper, usually uncoated wood free, shows good use in photocopy machines and computer printers. This paper may be glazed or unglazed and is also called PPC.

Fax Paper

Our fax paper is a highly sensitive paper that creates clean, crisp images. This paper is an ideal choice for an office environment that receives or sends a high volume of faxes.

Injet Paper

Uncoated bright white sheets with good print quality and absorption and ink drying characteristics. Most ink jet facestocks are suitable for monochrome ink jet printers. Specialty coated ink jet papers are recommended for color and photographic printing.

Label Paper

Our label paper stock consists of a wide variety of papers which has been gummed on one side. Our label paper can be cut into a vast number of shapes and sizes. The shape and size depends on the surface application and end use of the product. Our label paper can be used in all industries where any type of label is needed.

Litho Paper

Our litho paper is commonly used in rigid box applications. It is coated with our special water-resistant material that can withstand the lithographic process. Our litho paper can be printed on or used without any printing. Its surface is very durable, and it is available in a number of weights depending on its intended usage.

Metallized Paper

Our metallized paper has a high gloss finish, it is abrasion, as well as scuff resistant. This paper has a metal layer, which makes it bright and glossy.


Newsprint Paper

Our newsprint paper is made for the purpose of printing newspapers. The furnish of this paper is mainly mechanical pulp and/or recycled fiber. This paper comes on a roll and is convenient and economical. It can also be used for packaging fragile items. Paper made mostly from groundwood pulp and small amounts of chemical pulp.


Parchment Paper

Once made from animal skins, Parchment Paper is now achieved by treating a high density plant-based paper from cellulose fibers with sulfuric acid. Parchment paper is characterized by a hard surface, high wet-strength, resistance to grease and dirt. Typical applications for Parchment Paper include menus, certificates, awards, wedding invitations, and other important documents, embossing, rubber stamp, and offset printing.


Printing Paper

Printing paper is paper specially designed for printing, such as newsprint and magazine paper.


Repositionable Paper

This material holds items firmly, yet lets you remove or reposition your artwork or matting as many times as you want to, even months later. Use on your computerized mat cutters so your mats won't slip. Also used to hold articles in place that requiring stitching. It resists bleeding, staining, or wrinkling. Should only be used for temporary bonding.


Synthetic Paper

Our synthetic paper is a petroleum-based paper with waterproof properties. It has a very high tensile strength. Our synthetic paper is light, flexible, and very thin. It has a durable, wet-strength base.


Tag Paper

Our tag paper is of the highest quality. It is made of a dense, strong paper with excellent folding and bending qualities that make it a top choice for areas where constant use is expected.


Thermal Liner

Our thermal paper is designed for superior thermal print performance. It can bring quality and value to a printing system. Thermal paper is available from economy grades to high-sensitivity grades. Our thermal paper has a high level of environmental resistance, whether it is from moisture or chemicals.


Transfer Paper

Transfer paper allows images printed on it by ink jet printers, laser printers, etc. to be transferred onto a fabric or other materials by heat.


Wallpaper Base

Our wallpaper base has very good printability in a variety of processes, along with a high color retention rate. It's high thermostability makes it well suited for any environmental conditions. Our wallpaper base has optimal strength properties, and its good runability makes it ideal for any wallpaper applications.


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