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Metallized Film

The scrutinizing gaze of shoppers is easily captured by the luxurious shine of metallized films. Much more than visually appealing, metallized films are durable, flexible, with good printability, and are naturally food-safe. Imparting a modern and high-quality design, metallized films are some of the most trusted and popular materials across many industries.

  • Flexible
  • Shiny
  • Food-safe

This material is created by vaporizing aluminum into deposits on film. This allows the material to be up to 100x thinner than aluminum foil, as well as flexible and weightless as paper. Metallized films make excellent vapor/heat barriers and insulators, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Metallized films are available in a wide variety of formats, sizes and thicknesses. We do custom orders as well.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a Metallized Film product to suit your particular need. Perhaps a Metallized Paper would be better for your needs?

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