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Low Density Polyethylene Film

Soft, tough and flexible, Low Density Polyethylene film is favored for its resilience against a majority of chemicals and organic solvents. When LDPE film is incorporated into a packaging laminate, it offers excellent seal strength to package the most demanding products. Its low conductivity makes it useful in low temperature electrical applications, while its durability and excellent processability make it the all-purpose film to turn towards.
  • Superior Flexibility
  • Excellent Processability
  • Optimum Tear Strength
LDPE film is polymerized using a free radical that produces a large amount of short and long chains, limiting its ability to form high levels of crystallization. The low level of crystallinity attributes to the flexibility, clarity and elongation. The simple repeating polymer unit is very inert, leaving the film resistant to many chemicals. While LDPE is very popular as the main resin for shrink film and sealing layers in packaging laminates, we customize our film to suit many purposes and can adjust everything including color, thickness, size, printability, release and finish.

We also have MDPE Film and HDPE Film.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a LDPE film product to suit your particular need.

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