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Polyester Film - PET Film

Our polyester film contains properties such as high strength, easy machineability, dimensional stability, surface treatability, clarity, tear resistance, moisture resistance, etc. Polyester film is used in many types of packaging applications ranging from food and drugs to industrial and consumer goods. Vinyl coated polyester and other coatings make PET film a versatile product. Many refer to this material as Mylar. Mylar is the DuPont trademark for polyethylene terephtalate (polyester) film. Which is also refered to as PET film.

As a plain, metallized polyester, or colored our nylon polyester film is formable, heat-shrinkable and/or coated for barrier, metal adhesion, laminating adhesion, extrusion coating adhesion, printing, or sealing. Polyester Urethane Laminate, PUL, offers greater toughness and is biodegradable by exposing to conditions of high humidity.

The combination of physical, thermal and optical properties of Polyester Film and Plastic Sheet allow this film to be used in a variety of applications, in a wide range of industries. We can also produce Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, boPET. BOPET is suited more towards high demand applications, such as solar panel arrays, medical, and food packaging.

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