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Silicone Release Film

Our silicone release Film can be manufactured with one or two sides coated with a solvent-less silicone polymer.

Silicone Release Film is a more of a general term that can be used to identify hundreds of different types of silicone coated materials. BOPP Film & OPP Film, PP Film, HDPE Film, MDPE, & LDPE Film, PE Film, PET Film, PMMA Film, just to name a few. Our Silicone Release Film can be used in a great number of applications.

Uses vary from self-adhesive labels to construction products, even protecting fine works of art. Silicone Coated Film can withstand heat applications without damaging or sticking to other materials. Depending on your application you could get multiple uses out of the same seperator sheet. Our silicone release Film can be cut into rolls, sheets, circles, or die-cut shapes.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a Silicone Release Film product to suit your particular need.

Perhaps you could use a Silicone Release Paper instead?

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