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Quilon Paper

Quilon Paper
  • Grease-Resistant
  • FDA Approved
  • Good for Lining Pans

Quilon offers excellent release qualities for many food categories such as frozen food, pastry, candy and baking. Use Quilon at the bottom of your baking pans to help prevent the product from sticking while in the oven at high temperatures. These procedures help reduce food waste that would normally result from sticking to the baking pans.

Greaseproof Quilon sheets also allow such items as pizza, chicken and meats to easily be removed from the pan without leaving any food debris. Quilon is approved by the FDA and the USDA for the use of meat and poultry, and is approved for Kosher use.

The pre-die-cut design saves prep time in the food preparation process for both cooking and packaging. Quilon circles/sheets are also grease-resistant, which makes them ideal for lining cake boxes and pans. Quilon can be utilized in many scenarios for packing and specifically food packing for items such as candy, gum and prepared cooked foods.


  • Food Packaging
  • Backing
  • Oven Use

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