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Silicone One Sided (S1S)

Release Liner
  • Easy Handling
  • High Performance
  • Easy to Use

Silicone one-sided (S1S) release liners are used to protect the adhesive in various types of tape, label, rubber and sealant products. These materials come in a variety of coatings, release levels, and substrates to help achieve the purpose of the application.

Silicone one-sided release liners are the key components in the production and packaging of products that tend to stick in the manufacturing or the application of its use. Other usage of the one-sided silicone is to identify which side is to be released of the application for repurposing needs of that product.

In short, the silicone one-sided release liner is the backbone of the pressure sensitive tape, label, and related industries.


  • Casting
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape/Label
  • Die-Cutting

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