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LinerBoard Our LinerBoard is a type of high quality Kraft PaperBoard LinerBoard made from wood fiber derived by the Kraft process. Properties of all LinerBoard are excellent strength properties including tensile, burst, and compression, as well as reduced roughness to aid superior print-ability and good water resistance.

Our high-grade LinerBoard can be combined with other corrugating medium to produce the corrugated board used in the manufacture of boxes. We can apply coating on treatments to obtain the specifications Unbleached, Bleached, Bleached top, Color, Bursting Strength, Water Repellency, Folding Endurance, Various Thickness / Gram, that you need. One example is innovative acoustical liners with surface coating that repels moisture more effectively and is breathable. These specialized coatings preserves sound dampening qualities of the base material.

Primarily used as corrugating medium in making corrugate paper box cartons and displays, interleaving, and folding cartons LinerBoard has limitless applications. Some other examples would be insulation backing, It is still used for Cobb Paper, floor covering, pallet liners and slip sheets, as well as a protective over wrap when shipping your products. Available wholly or partially composed of recycled material as well as synthetic fiber grade.

Through continuous research and development new high quality LinerBoard products are being manufactured.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a linerboard product to suit your particular need.

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