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Tissue Paper

Whether for decoration or for hygiene, tissue paper holds up to a wide variety of uses. Tissue paper is associated with the properties of absorbency, volume, brightness, stretch, appearance, comfort and strength. While our tissue paper is the perfect fit for packaging such as liners, stuffing or interleaf, it also has the wet-strength to stand up to heavy-duty applications like lamination.

  • Wet-strength
  • Lamination
  • Customizable

We convert our tissue paper in-house to make it easier to process for our customers, whether it is needed for decorative wrapping, artistic packaging, or household uses. Available as either virgin or recycled pulp, we tailor the formulation to meet your engineering demands and print quality while lowering the carbon footprint.

The thickness and dimensions are fully customizable, and we can laminate it to other materials to enhance the tissue paper’s natural properties. Our tissue paper comes in natural kraft or bleached color, and from either virgin pulp for smoothness applications, or recycled pulp for industrial applications.

Standard Properties

Property: Typical Value: Test Method:
Basis Weight 17.0 lbs. TAPPI T410
Caliper 1.7 mil. TAPPI T411
Brightness 83% TAPPI T452
Tensile MD 11.0 lbs./in. TAPPI T494
Tensile MD 6.0 lbs./in. TAPPI T494
Porosity 70.0 100cc/sec. -
Yield 17,280 in2/lbs. -

*The information presented in this data sheet is believed to be accurate and is not intended to constitute a specification. The values given reflect average measurements, which can vary slightly. Users are encouraged to determine the suitability of this product for their own particular application(s).

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